Smells Like Sulfur: EPA Mulls Extra Gas Regulations


The EPA is a joke.
Check it out:

There has never been a finer example of government apathy for the middle class than last week’s proposal by the EPA to require oil refineries to restrict the sulfur content of their fuel.

As Americans are seeing more more of their paycheck disappear at the gas pump, the Obama Administration is hard at work to make it more expensive. Apparently the inability of prices to go past $4 a gallon is causing sleepless nights at the EPA.

Estimates by oil refiners say that the new regulations will cost 8-9 cents per gallon more. It’s my speculation that the cost will go even higher, since every kink in the supply chain seems to bump up the price. Chicago often has higher gas prices than Hawaii, because the unique formulation required by the EPA there limits supply. It’s much the same reason why the Colonel’s secret recipe costs more than chicken at the grocery store.



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