SHOCK: Cops handcuffing Tamerlan when Dzhokhar drove over him


It is shocking how evil has no honor or respect for life, even when it is your sick twisted brother.
Check it out:

The police chief, Edward Deveau, describes how cops nearly apprehended the older suspect, and were placing handcuffs on him in the middle of the street Thursday night, when the younger suspect came at officers in a carjacked SUV. The cops were able “to dive out of the way,” and the younger suspect then continued to drive directly over his brother and dragging him through the street. That’s how the older suspect died, according to the police chief.

The younger suspect eventually dumped the SUV and ran into the darkness of the night, according to the police chief. It took nearly 18 hours and massive manhunt to find the younger suspect. He gave himself up after a 20-minute negotiation with the FBI, he said, but not before the suspect fired more rounds at the authorities.

The bombers were armed with “pipe bombs and explosives,” some of which appear to have been homemade hand-grenades. They had “at least 6 bombs, if you will,” says the chief. They also had a some guns.



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