Sequester Soul Train at the White House


Sequester was such a joke. Obama has certainly tried to make it seem like it’s the end of the world.
Check it out:

You’ve got the soul brothers express in the White House, some Memphis soul stew going on there last night. Jessica Biel, who is the bride of Justin Timberlake is tweeting (imitation), “I hugged POTUS! I hugged POTUS! I hugged POTUS!” She didn’t even send out a tweet, “I hugged my husband! I hugged my husband!” after they got married. But she’s tweeting she hugged POTUS. Anyway, I think it’s embarrassing, folks. You talk about conspicuous consumption and a display of it.
I mean, it’s all part of the performances at the White House series, and it’s supposed to be cultural enrichment, but what it is is Obama jamming it down everybody’s throats.

We’ve got a country in decay, we have a dying country, and there’s the president partying down the day after — I still, ladies and gentlemen, I still can’t believe that the president of the United States actually said we’ve got to make it harder to gun down our kids. That is one of the most undignified, unpresidential utterances that I’ve heard from anyone, including Clinton (impression), “I didn’t have sex with that woman, not a single time, and I never asked anybody to lie, never.” And it all gets lumped in the same category. It’s just beneath the dignity of the office. “We’ve gotta make it harder to gun down our kids.” I don’t know, especially with some of the parents of kids at Sandy Hook elementary school standing there, flying around on Air Force One, the economy in the tank. I don’t know.



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