Senate passes bill to end flight controller furloughs


So will Obama sign something to end the pain he started?
Check it out:

Many lawmakers had already left Washington for an upcoming week-long recess when the Senate unanimously approved a measure to give the Transportation Department, which administers the Federal Aviation Administration, more budget flexibility to reduce the number of its furloughs.

Under the bill, the FAA would be able to redirect up to $253 million from other areas of its budget to shore up staffing levels.

The Senate’s approval of the bipartisan measure capped a fractious week that saw Democrats divided over how to manage the growing public ire over air-traffic delays, which arose after the FAA began furloughing air-traffic controllers. The furloughs were prompted by federal spending cuts across the federal government, known as a sequester, that were required under a 2011 deal to raise the federal borrowing limit.



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