School won’t let Airman escort his little sister to prom due to his age


Really? Sometimes people just don’t think.
Check it out:

Kansas high school administrators taking heat after refusing to allow an Air Force member to escort his little sister to her prom. Courtney Widener’s big brother was home from Afghanistan for the weekend – the same weekend as her prom. But according to school rules, the 22-year-old Airman was too old to attend the dance. Courtney knew the rules – so she asked if her brother could at least escort her down the red carpet, but the principal said no.

So on prom night, Courtney’s brother walked her to the edge of the red carpet, saluting her as she entered the school. She wrote a scathing letter to a newspaper, saying “Not only is my brother my hero, but he is a hero…the young man who has sacrificed so much for our country was unwelcome at his own alma mater.” The principal’s response? The Airman simply did not meet the age requirement.



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