Saddam Hussein had WMD after all


It always drive me nuts that people think they would just be lying around on the road or something. Don’t you think we would have bombed places that stored them? Plus the ones that were shipped out. Sure he exaggerated what he did have, but he did have them.
Check it out:

The first cracks in the wall of denial came last year. In July of 2012, Sean Hannity had Liz Cheney as a guest on his TV show. (Alan Colmes left the show several years ago.) Hannity repeated his claim, and Liz Cheney backed him up: Saddam Hussein had WMD, and shipped them out to Syria before the bombs burst over the skies of his capital city. (See the embedded clip.)

Ho ho, haw haw, said the deniers.

Then, earlier this week, someone – we do not yet know who – launched a chemical attack on some civilians in Aleppo.



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