Reddit Cofounder Calls on Google’s Larry Page to Oppose CISPA


Maybe conservatives will need to make their own internet.
Check it out:

The cofounder of the popular social news site Reddit has called on the leaders of Google, Facebook and Twitter to help defeat a controversial cybersecurity bill that would compromise the privacy of their users if passed by lawmakers.

“I’m hoping that all of these tech companies take the stand that their privacy policies matter, their users’ privacy matters, and no legislation like CISPA should take that away,” Alexis Ohanian, former owner of Reddit (Wired’s parent company Conde Nast currently owns Reddit), said in a video posted yesterday. ”If someone wants access to our private home or to our mail we would say, Well go get a warrant. Right? CISPA basically says, uh, not necessary. Your digital privacy is irrelevant.”

The video shows Ohanian trying to call Google CEO Larry Page to urge him to oppose the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). But when he reaches the company — through the switchboard — the operator tells him that no one by that name works at Google.

“I am pretty sure there’s a Larry Page at Google,” he replies.



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