Predictable Media Treatment of the Mitch McConnell and Ashley Judd Story


I am kind of surprised this isn’t a bigger deal. Maybe once they find out who.
Check it out:

So yesterday afternoon during the program we learned that the Senate office of Mitch McConnell was bugged. I think it was the Kentucky office. Not sure. One of the offices of Senator Mitch McConnell had been bugged. Somebody criminally entered and installed listening devices and recording equipment. That is, obviously, a violation of the law. Watergate, anyone? Mother Jones published details of what was overheard being discussed in Mitch McConnell’s office by his staff as they were strategizing over a potential Senate run by the actress Ashley Judd (who, by the way, is from Tennessee).

She was considering running as recently as two weeks ago, and so the office staff of McConnell was strategizing, and they were talking about her and planning various aspects of the campaign against her. (interruption) Snerdley is screaming at me, “This is against the law! This is Watergate! These guys, whoever did this, are gonna go to jail!” I said, “No, no, no, no. You’re misreading this totally.” I said, “What’s gonna happen here is that the media is going to jump all over McConnell for the things that were said about Ashley Judd.”

‘Cause you have to understand: Ashley Judd is a good liberal. Folks, I know that she’s had her problems with depression. I know this, and I know that she’s admitted that she sought therapy because she has control issues. I mean, really domineering, maniacal control issues. I think it led to her marriage not working out. She’s admitted this. She has said some of the strangest things about God. I wish I had printed them out. I was reading about this a couple of days ago in a story about her deciding not to run.



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