Police going door-to-door in hunt for second marathon bomb suspect


So these guys were smart enough to get into med school and what not but didn’t think that they’d be seen on all the video cameras?
Check it out:

Police were donning bullet-proof vests and going door-to-door as a perimeter tightened in the Watertown section of Boston, where the second Boston Marathon bomber could be hiding.

Earlier, gunfire was heard in the area, a bullet -riddled SUV was recovered and multiple explosions echoed from inside a house in the area, following a chaotic night of mayhem that included the murder of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer and a shootout with police, authorities said early Friday.

Police believe the two suspects from Monday’s terror attack are Chechen brothers, Muslims possibly from Dagestan, a province in Russia that borders Chechnya. The man on the loose was identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass. They are believed to have been here for ‘several years,’ sources said.



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