O’Reilly, Krauthammer Embrace “Bible Thumpers” Label


And of course for some reason it’s ok to bash Christians. But in this argument they make some good points on keeping a broad appeal for the conservative message. Not that you compromise the message, but work it so that it can be argued by people of different faiths.
Check it out:

I got a lot of e-mails today from people. “Rush, why are you calling everybody ‘Bible thumpers’?” I’m not calling everybody Bible thumpers! I’m just talking about those that are.

Well, Charles Krauthammer was on Fox last night, and he said that Bill O’Reilly was perfectly correct in calling people that object to gay marriage because of their biblical beliefs “Bible thumpers.” So if Dr. Krauthammer says that O’Reilly said the right thing, “Bible thumper” is now the stamp of approval. It’s the way to characterize those people who are opposing, well, gay marriage or any social issue because of their religious beliefs.



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