On Top of Everything Else, Jim Carrey Doesn’t Know the Law on Slander


Why do we even care what actors think about politics?
Check it out:

Commentators have rightly condemned Jim Carrey on the heels of revealing himself as an ill-mannered and malicious left-wing activist after his ridiculous anti-gun video. Now Carrey is threatening to sue Fox News for criticizing him, revealing that knows as little about the First Amendment as he does the Second.

Carrey posted a video confirming that he has lost whatever comedic talent he once had (though most of it was always low-brow and coarse). He vilifies the iconic Charlton Heston, the late president of the NRA. In his parody video, he says no one watches Heston’s movies (which is such an odd attack–given that Heston is one of the most award-winning actors in the history of film), makes sexually degrading comments about Heston, and the end of the video shows Heston shooting his foot off because he doesn’t know how to use the shotgun he’s holding. He tops it off by suggesting that Heston went to hell. It was bizarre and disgraceful. And it epitomizes how Hollywood is degrading American culture and standards of decency.



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