ObamaCare is ‘Crumbling’?


But of course Obama will continue to plow forward since Obamacare is about grabbing more power for the federal government.
Check it out:

“Yes, I think that’s exactly what we are seeing. And what you alluded to in your setup there is the problem. This is going to be the first of any of a number of delays. I mean, we have already seen chunks of Obama care taken out. You have seen the class act repealed. You have seen problems with — you have seen challenges in the courts, some which weren’t successful. You have other challenges potentially coming one from Oklahoma. You have the Hobby Lobby question… You know, if you look at Obamacare in its totality, it is a disaster. And that is on the substance. The substance I think politically for Republicans is how they handle it they would be wise to continue to pound away and make very clear their opposition to every aspect of this, because we are only going to see more of it.”



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