Obamacare Architects: Our Bill is Confusing Beyond Comprehension


The liberals don’t even know how Obamacare is going to work. Since it wasn’t care caring and is all about control you can be sure it will be a complete mess and failure.
Check it out:

He’s one of the architects, folks. Jay Rockefeller’s one of the guys whose staff worked on it. So he knows it’s beyond comprehension. I’m telling you, this can’t work. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna go away. What it means is it’s gonna be a nightmare. What it means is it’s gonna be an absolute disaster. And you know what’s gonna happen? What always happens in Washington. Washington creates a program because they think there’s a pressing need, or in this case, because they just want to commandeer one-sixth of the economy, put it under government control, grow the government, give themselves more power.

So they do that, then that doesn’t work, then they run around saying, “My God, we’ve got a mess here, this is horrible, we need a new program to fix this,” and that’s what they’ll do. They’ll come up with Obamacare 2, which will be designed to fix what went wrong in Obamacare 1, but there will never be any acknowledgement that they are the problem. They create the problem. They offer the fix. That doesn’t work and the cycle repeats. That’s how you end up with redundant federal entitlement programs. That’s how you end up with multiple programs for school lunch, school breakfast. Multiple programs for child health care ’cause the first one doesn’t work, and the same people who act like they were on the sidelines when it all happens, “Guess what, we need to come in here and fix this.” The same people who blew it up the first time go in to fix it, and they blow it up again. He’s just warning everybody that’s what’s ahead of us. It’s too late now. It’s already off to a bumpy start.



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