Obama Uses T Word


I guess when you look totally foolish by not using it, you have to use it.
Check it out:

Considering the complete lack of new information in President Obama’s late-Tuesday morning statement on the Boston Marathon bombings, it would appear that the president was less interested in passing along information and more interested in cleaning up a mess he made yesterday by not calling the bombings what they are — terrorism.

For the first time, President Obama used the “T” word to describe Monday’s deadly bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. “The FBI is investigating this as an act of terror,” the President said. “Anytime a bomb is used like this, it is an act of terror.”

With media cameras clicking away, Obama made clear that as of now, no one knows who committed the bombings — no one knows what the motive might be or if this was the act of an individual or group.



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