Obama Slashed Domestic Bombing Prevention Budget by 45% (But Obama’s Doing a Heckuva Job on This Bombing)


But we can send billions to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Check it out:
Now, we had some sound bites yesterday that indicated that some Democrats out there were thinking that this was all due to “the seekester.” (sic) Now, remember, we had the audio sound bite from Sheila Jackson Lee during one-minute speeches on the floor of the House.

She made the point that all of these drastic budget cuts in the seekester led to a lack of ability by the federal government to protect people. Well, Steny Hoyer joined that fray on Tuesday. He linked the Boston bombings to the seekester, telling reporters that “sequestration is a stupid policy.” I know it’s “sequester” but Sheila Jackson Lee said “seekester.” I don’t want to embarrass her. It’s like for the longest time, the Reverend Jackson used to say “Cooomo” instead of “Cuomo.”

So I, in deference to the Reverend Jackson, always pronounced it “Cooomo.” So Steny Hoyer is blaming the sequester; his comments came shortly after Barney Frank blamed tax cuts, and we had those sound bites for you. From the UK Daily Mail: “Obama Administration Has SLASHED Budget for Domestic Bombing Prevention By 45%,” almost half. Do you know this? All these Democrats yesterday and last night and this morning were trying to blame the sequester. Honestly, stop and think now.



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