This is insane. The only goal here is to ruin the country. There is no question about it.
Check it out:

The Washington Post had a story that Obama wants to reignite the subprime mortgage program. I kid you not. The regime, according to the Washington Post, is engaged in an effort to make more home loans available to people with weaker credit. It’s the subprime mortgage. It’s because the economy is recovering. It’s because the housing market is rebounding. I mean, that’s what they say. Obama wants to make, again, home loans available to people who really are at great risk for not being able to pay the mortgage.

It’s an effort that regime officials say “will help power the economic recovery.” I’m telling you, you’re hearing right. According to the Washington Post, the regime wants to make available home mortgages to people who can’t afford them again, in order to help power the economic recovery. Now, we got some unemployment numbers today, and the new applications for unemployment compensation skyrocketed. They exceeded all the expectations. It was like 385,000. Now, for me, I am beyond the week-to-week reports now. They don’t matter anymore, 335,000, 350, 385,000, whatever, all I know is that this economy is not producing jobs. It certainly isn’t producing careers. I don’t know what economic recovery people see out there. I wish there were one, don’t misunderstand. God, how I wish there was one. But there isn’t.

Would somebody explain to me how making available mortgage money to people that can’t pay it back powers anything?

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