Obama Pushes Amnesty at Bush Library


And here I would have thought Obama would have thanked Bush for allowing him to be demonized so he could get elected and continue to be blamed for all of his mistakes and shortcomings.
Check it out:

Now, that is the part of Obama’s remarks today where he came alive. He was said to be pretty deferential and respectful, unlike Obama normally is, but he gets to this, invokes Bush, and we gotta do it for the Gipper and we gotta do it for the families and we gotta grant amnesty for our economy and we gotta grant amnesty for our security and for our incredible country that we love and the reason we really have to do it is because, as the Politico said, if this bill is signed into law, it’s the end of the Republican Party for a generation.

The Politico said this, not me, folks. The Politico told the truth about the Gang of Eight immigration bill, that it is essentially going to register so many brand-new Democrats, Republicans can’t keep up. Now, I know asking, “Why, Rush, are the Republicans doing this? Do they not understand it?” I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll just tell you that I think the Republicans believe what their consultants tell ’em, and I think they believe what their pollsters tell ’em, and I think what they’re being told is, “You guys are hated, and you guys aren’t gonna win anything until you extend outreach to the Hispanics. You gotta make the Hispanic people of this country love you or you don’t have a prayer. And the only way you can make the Hispanic people love you is by changing your tune on immigration ’cause right now they think you hate ’em. But if you change your way on immigration they’ll know that you don’t hate ’em and then everything will be fine.”

I think that’s what they’re being told, along with the idea that they’re just seen as obstructers. And until that changes and they start agreeing with the Democrats more, they’re never gonna get anywhere. I know that sounds cockamamie, but that’s what’s going around.



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