Maybe if Obama would actually read a bible for once.
Check it out:

Did you see where the Obamas went to church yesterday, Easter Sunday? They got the daughters off of spring break. They come back from the Bahamas and the Rocky Mountains for this photo op at church. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the president isn’t a little worried about his approval numbers. CBS News, Washington: “Economic Pessimism on the Rise as Obama’s Approval Declines” — drops to 47%. There are a number of polls now that have Obama significantly below 50%. I think Rasmussen, interestingly, still has him at 50 or a little higher. But there are at least three now where the president has plummeted below 50%.

So it was time to get the daughters back, and it was time to go to church. They’re doing the Easter Egg Roll today. They went to an Episcopal church, took the long walk across Lafayette Square, and they listened to a preacher on Easter Sunday blast Republicans. The president of the United States chose a preacher whose sermon was devoted to claiming that Republicans want to force blacks to ride at the back of the bus again, a preacher who, in his sermon, said Republican want to make women go back to the kitchen, and the Obamas were probably flashing back to the old Reverend Wright days and thinking, “Man, it’s good to be home.” Jesus’ resurrection and Easter. Now, that’s for The Bible TV show on Sunday night. When you go to an Obama church service, all you’re gonna get is Republicans being blasted.

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