Obama Doesn’t Want Anything Solved Right Now


Once he collapses everything then government will control all.
Check it out:

One other thing about this that I think the news media is party to. If you didn’t know any better, you would believe today that Obama is really desirous of having a budget deal. And if you didn’t know any better, you would think Obama is really serious about solving the immigration problem and coming to an agreement on it, even if it’s everything he wants, you would think that that’s what he’s targeting. And if you didn’t know any better, you would think that Obama really, really does want the employment situation to improve. And in each of these instances, I’m of the firm the belief that he does not want anything solved right now.

I don’t believe he wants a solution to immigration. I don’t believe he wants a solution to the economic problems. I don’t think he wants a solution on gun control. If you were a low-information guy or gal, and you’re sitting out there consuming whatever news you get, you are probably of the opinion the president’s working very hard to keep kids safe, and he wants to compromise. He wants to reach an agreement with the Republicans, and he wants to make guns harder to get for bad guys, you probably believe all of that, when in fact that’s not what he wants. Obama doesn’t want a solution to any of this because these are all campaign issues. It would never happen, but the Republicans could as a test offer him everything he’s asking for. He would reject it.

Boehner did this, by the way, in one of the fiscal cliff or rolling budget negotiation issues, be it continuing resolution or what have you. Gave him everything he wanted and Obama said, nope, you know what, I want $500 billion more in tax increases, and he blew up the deal. Just like one year Yasser Arafat was making demands of Clinton for peace in the Middle East. Clinton gave Arafat everything he wanted. Arafat said, “Nope,” and retreated into his home in falafel or wherever it is and just checked out. It’s same thing with President Obama. I’m telling you, he nor the Democrats want a solution.



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