No Action From Pa When Ex-Employee Blew Whistle On Gosnell


Liberals are disgusting.
Check it out:

In December 2001, an ex-employee handed all the evidence the Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) needed to shut down Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic. Officials did not act on it, even when more evidence appeared to back claims of serious health concerns and possible criminal violations.

Marcella Stanley Cheung went to the State Board of Medicine (the Board) and gave them a specific written complaint and participated in an interview in March 2002. Her allegations from the grand jury testimony are atrocious:

She informed the department investigator that Gosnell was using unlicensed workers (including herself) to give IV anesthesia to patients when he was not at the clinic; that his facility was filthy; that two sick, flea-infested cats roamed freely in the procedure rooms, vomiting throughout; that Gosnell ate in the procedure rooms; that the autoclave used to sterilize instruments was broken; that he reused single-use curettes; that there were no licensed nurses at the facility when IV anesthesia was administered; that Gosnell allowed one patient to use her cousin’s insurance card to pay for an abortion; that Gosnell performed abortions on “underage children” against their will if their mothers asked him to; and that he performed other abortions without consent forms.



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