National Review: Pigford Scandal as Big as Andrew Breitbart Warned


Andrew Breitbart nailed another one.
Check it out:

One of conservatism’s leading journals, National Review, published a lead editorial on the Pigford scandal on Monday, not only noting that Andrew Breitbart was right all along but that the scandal deserves more attention nationally.

As it wraps up, the NR piece arrives at the logical conclusion that Obama’s expansion of Pigford payouts “resembles in organization and aim a criminal conspiracy of breathtaking proportions, and one in which the federal government was first complicit and then ultimately responsible.”

Along the way, NR gives readers some delicious outrage over the monumental waste, lies, and abuse of authority that Andrew saw since day one.

NR expresses hope that, in the wake of the recent New York Times examination of the criminal action that is Pigford, maybe more eyes will be brought to the scandal. The editorial states the truth of Pigford is “worse than was previously thought.”



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