Mother Sues Ohio Clinic for ‘Failed’ Abortion


This will be an awkward conversation with her daughter later in life. Yes, I tried to murder you, but they messed up so I sued them so I could get money for them failing to murder you.
Check it out:

A young mother in Ohio is suing an abortion clinic because it failed to end her pregnancy.

The Daily Mail reports that Ariel Knights, 22, is suing the Akron Women’s Medical Group after having undergone what she thought was an abortion in March of 2012. A week after the procedure, however, another doctor told her that she was still pregnant, and she went on to deliver a healthy six-pound baby girl in September.

Knights said she had decided to end her pregnancy when doctors informed her that carrying her baby to term would be dangerous because the baby was growing in a weak uterus caused by uterus didelphys, a genetic condition that results in a double uterus with two separate cervices. Though she reportedly agonized over the decision to abort the baby, she ultimately decided that, with a preschooler and fiancée to consider, she would schedule the procedure with the Akron group.



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