Media Gets It All Wrong, Tiptoes Around “Sensitivity” of Boston Suspect’s Race


The media’s reaction to this is typical liberal nonsense.
Check it out:

We’re not profiling here! We’re talking about a murderer. Could you liberals get rid of all of this prejudice and profiling guilt that you’ve got? Just for 30 seconds, could you get rid of seeing people by skin color? How absurd! This guy at Salon magazine (paraphrased), “It better be a white guy! Gosh, we hope it’s a white guy, otherwise the liberal agenda is imperiled”? You claim that it’s conservatives who are racists, and you dare write a piece like that, David Sirota, hoping it’s a white guy?

Because if it’s a “dark-skinned” perp, your agenda is imperiled? And we somehow are the racists? Here’s John King saying, “Well, it’s a dark-skinned individual. Ah, ah! But I — I — I’m gonna stop there. It’s very sensitive information.” We’re talking about a murderer here. It’s very sensitive information? “Further descriptions were given by this source, but it was a background conversation. I’m not willing to discuss on the record right now.” Ah, somehow I suspected this.

Remember I asked the question, “If some liberal finds out that it’s not a white perp, will they withhold the information?” Folks, this is sick. This is just sick. John King said that a reputable law enforcement official told him the suspect was “a dark-skinned male,” and he added, “Some people will take offense at that, so we’ve gotta be very careful, Wolf.” Some people are gonna take offense that it’s a dark-skinned male? We’re talking about a murderer here! We’re not talking about profiling somebody who’s innocent. Jeez!



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