Wow. So once the liberal tyrants take over does Matthews think they’ll let him have his opinions? Maybe he should look at how it works in other liberal countries and see how much freedom they have.
Check it out:

“Good evening. I’m Chris Matthews in Washington. Let me start tonight with this: Where we are in this country with guns, guns and the law. Three years ago a Republican candidate for the Senate out in Nevada said we may need to resort to our “Second Amendment remedies” if we can’t get public officials to do what we want. “Second amendment remedies,” meaning use our guns guarded by the Second Amendment to deal with people in government we don’t like.

“If that wasn’t frightening enough for you, how about what’s happening in Colorado and Texas? iIn Colorado, a top prison official was gunned down in his home. In Texas, two prosecutors were killed, a third has now pulled out of a case against the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas for “security reasons.” We have people using guns to settle their disputes with public officials, using their “Second Amendment remedies.”

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