Marco Rubio’s Future is Still Bright


As long as Rubio gets border security first and doesn’t do an amnesty deal, he’ll be fine!
Check it out:

I think that Marco Rubio is a force of nature. I think he’s a force of energy. I’ve gotten to know him very well. This immigration business, there’s a lot going on. One of the fundamental things about what’s happening now is that everybody — I shouldn’t say everybody. But there is a conventional wisdom of thought that whatever they do here is gonna die in the House. So that allows politicians freedom to do what they think they must do to shore up support in certain groups.

Rubio has a desire to make inroads in the Hispanic community, and he’s the equivalent of a conservative black trying to make it big in the NAACP. NAACP’s not interested in conservative blacks. La Raza’s not interested in conservative Republicans. They’re interested in RINO Republicans, but not conservative Republicans. I think Rubio’s trying to make inroads. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with this particular immigration bill. I do know that Ted Cruz, I agree with him, I think he’s right, I think Obama does not intend for this thing to pass.

So the border enforcement’s and all that, some questions that Rubio has to answer about that because he’s said one thing and it appears maybe he’s not gonna hold as true to that as he said. But I think overall when you hear him articulate his vision of this country and what it should be, I think he’s a thoroughbred conservative. I don’t think there’s any question about it.



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