Libertarianism defined & why the GOP needs to support young libertarian politicians


Libertarianism is the new cool thing to do. They are fiscal conservatives and that needs to be the top issue at the present time for the federal government.
Check it out:

There’s a movement afoot in the conservative ranks. Day by day, more young people are coming out as libertarians, confusing their friends and scaring their families. I am a libertarian, and increasingly, many conservatives are coming to the same conclusion.

At this year’s CPAC, you couldn’t look in any direction without seeing a “Stand with Rand” sign. But what exactly is a “libertarian?”

Some of us are socially conservative, god-fearing, “Reagan-ites.” Some of us are pro-choice and pro-gay marriage atheists who revere Thomas Paine and Barry Goldwater and think Reagan destroyed the ideology of the Republican Party. Some of us wear suits and ties, some of us wear muddy jeans and t-shirts. Some of us have never touched a gun, while some of us shoot regularly and open-carry.



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