Liberals Still on Fire Over Our 13-Year-Old Who Debunked the Global Warming Hoax


Liberals just don’t seem to understand that just because they say it doesn’t make it true.
Check it out:

Last week on this program a young man of 13 years old called. A young boy called from Wilmington, Indiana. He was a very, very bright, articulate guy who called here to tell me that he finally had proven to himself that global warming was a hoax. He’d gone to his local library. He’d researched it and he had found it, and he told me why he thought the left and liberals don’t recognize it as a hoax is because they don’t want to. So I offered the young man an iPad. I said, “Somebody like you could really put one of these to use. You can search anything in the world right from it.

“You don’t have to go to your library. It’s portable, it’s light, you carry it with you.” That incident — that phone call, and the fact that I gave this young man the iPad — you would not believe how on fire that story is out there on the Web and has been all weekend. I didn’t know it, until people started sending me all the different links to various blogs and websites. They were all outraged, and they were all really worried about this kid and how they were gonna get hold of him and get his mind right.

It was, “How in the world has this happened?” and how unfortunate it was that this kid listened to me, and who were his parents, and how did they lose control? To which I could say, “Hey, he’s just a product of community education. I’m just pretending the kid’s mine. He listens to me every day, and he’s following my instruction. Deal with it.” (interruption) He was articulate. Well, here’s the thing. Over the course of the years of this program, there have been occasions where something seemingly innocuous to me happens on the program, and I learn later that it’s caused a bonfire out there.



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