Liberals Hope the Boston Bomber is a White, Right-Wing American


Liberals are true racists.
Check it out:

The news coming out of Boston. Well, it’s not the news. There isn’t any news coming out of Boston. The speculation that continues in the Drive-By Media is becoming ridiculous and absurd, even more so than yesterday, if that’s possible. Like I have this here from CNN, the headline: “Boston Marathon Bombs Have Hallmarks Of ‘Lone Wolf’ Devices, Experts Say.”

Now, listen to this. “The devices used in the Boston Marathon attack Monday are typical of the ‘lone wolf:’ the solo terrorist who builds a bomb on his own by following a widely available formula. In this case, the formula seems very similar to one that al Qaeda has recommended to its supporters around the world as both crudely effective and difficult to trace. But –” but, but, wait for it, “it is also a recipe that has been adopted by –” dadelut dadelut dadelut “extreme right-wing individuals in the United States.” Right-wing individuals utilize the same tactics, techniques as Al-Qaeda.

Nowhere in any publication, on any website, will you read anybody speculating about the possibility that an extreme left-wing wacko did this. They don’t even consider the possibility. Let me throw one out for you. One of President Obama’s close friends is Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers got his start blowing things up, such as what happened at the Boston Marathon. Bill Ayers is well known as a bomber. He’s well known as a former terrorist, and Bill Ayers teaches. What if one of Bill Ayers’ students is out there trying to emulate him?



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