Liberals Demand Universal Health Care for Student Athletes, and That Gay NFL Player Come Out of the Closet


What won’t liberals demand might be a shorter list.
Check it out:

Since we are talking about the world of sports, I called it. There are some people today who are starting to fret over the fact that these high school and college basketball players are subjecting themselves to potentially career ending injuries in endeavors that they are not being paid for. There hasn’t been a move yet to ban college basketball because of the Louisville player’s broken leg, but right on schedule, people are now starting to talk about how unfair it is that these great warriors who go out there and play hard to entertain us aren’t paid. They aren’t compensated, like they’re indentured.

And a player for the Seattle Seahawks, a defensive end, Chris Clemons, was asked about the idea that one or more players in the NFL will come out and announce that they’re gay. I want to tell you something about that, folks. This drumbeat to get an NFL player to announce he’s gay is continuing, it is unrelenting. Stop and think about this. There’s a story from last week, shows up at a sports website: “NFL Player Will Soon Come Out.” The source was not the player, whoever he is. The source was somebody speculating, “Oh, yeah, yeah, there’s gonna be a player that comes out real soon,” but it wasn’t the player, ’cause nobody knows who the player is. A bunch of wild guesses going on, but nobody knows.



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