Liberal Women Get Played


Maybe one day liberals will realize that the lie of the utopia promised by their movement is just a way to gain control over them.
Check it out:

Barack Obama is pandering to women again. The man who pay his female staffers less than he pays his male staffers has declared Thursday “equal pay day” for women. Don’t expect any backlash from the National Organization of Women (NOW), since they don’t tend to chime in on Shari’a issues. For all intents and purposes, the rest of the days of the week could be “Watch me Stone my White Women Staffers” days, and NOW would remain silent. This is because NOW and all Liberal women are hypocrites and cry-babies.

Forget the evidence that women don’t negotiate better than men in jobs, that’s MEN’S fault. Men should know that women are bad salary negotiators and lower their standards to accommodate all those women “roaring wike wittle putty tats.” So they get a token day from the token black president and all is well in Vaginaville. Negro PLEASE!

Obama proves what bad boys know: Liberal women LOVE to be treated like dirt, so they constantly have something to complain about.



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