Left Paints Mitch McConnell as the World’s Worst Villain


Aren’t all conservatives evil in the eyes of liberals?
Check it out:

I predicted to you that David Corn, who is the editor of Mother Jones magazine, would be celebrated. I predicted to you that he would be hoisted up as a hero. And he is being so.

The editor of Mother Jones magazine, who got the illegal tape as a result of Mitch McConnell’s Senate office being bugged, campaign office in Louisville, being bugged, and there wasn’t anything even defamatory on the tape. They were laughing at Ashley Judd. That’s not permitted. You can laugh all day at Sarah Palin. You can laugh all day and impugn and make fun of and destroy, if you want. You can’t laugh at Ashley Judd. And those people in McConnell’s office, they laughed once when she explained what her floating vision of God was. But mostly they just quoted what she had written. And they only know this because of the illegally wiretapped Mitch McConnell office.

David Corn, Mother Jones, published, or got a hold of the tape of Mitt Romney last May at a campaign event talking about the 47% who will never vote for him. It was Corn who did that, Mother Jones. So he is being celebrated. David Corn is being hoisted up on a huge pedestal, Washington Post: “David Corn and Mother Jones Find Themselves With Another Audio Scoop — David Corn says one good scoop may have led to another. And might even lead to still others, too. The Mother Jones magazine reporter and MSNBC pundit was busy Wednesday handling the fallout from, and some fawning over, his latest revelation about a prominent Republican. Corn unearthed the audiotape of a private meeting in which Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and his aides mocked a would-be political rival, the actress Ashley Judd, and plotted tactics to undermine her. An unidentified source leaked the surreptitious recording of the February meeting to Corn.”



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