Just Amnesty? Why Not Also Cave on Obamacare to Woo Hispanics?


Why not. Every other culture that came to America got to keep their language and received special treatment as they checked in. Errr… wait, what number do you press for Italian?
Check it out:

As I mentioned the gun control thing took center stage the last couple of days of last week in the ongoing moving target that is the news of the day, the agenda item of the day. And where we are on this now, Senator Chuck-U Schumer was on Meet the Press yesterday. He talked about the stuff that the Gang of Eight has agreed to. According to Chuck-U Schumer, probationary legal status for all illegals happens first. Probationary legal status. Now, you can read that amnesty, partial amnesty, whatever, but probationary legal status. Once you cross that line, once you open that door there’s no closing it. Probationary legal status becomes legal status. It’s the first thing, and Schumer says that this is what the Gang of Eight has agreed to.

After the probationary legal status obviously comes the path to citizenship. Now, he didn’t say, at least on Meet the Press, he didn’t talk about border security happening first, which of course is Marco Rubio’s requirement. Before anything can happen, Rubio said, before they’ll get his vote, anyway, there has to be border security first. Now, Schumer, he did not say, per se, that the citizenship process wouldn’t start until after this other stuff had happened. He didn’t say it explicitly, but to many people listening the implication was clear. But it’s also obvious that he’s not, as a member of the Gang of Eight, Schumer is not trying to convey the whole ball of wax, the whole nine yards, amnesty unquestioned.



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