Isn’t This How Bill Ayers Got His Start?


One bomber who didn’t go to jail and is now a liberal hero.
Check it out:

“Who’s Bill Ayers?” It’s a good question. People may not know who Bill Ayers is. Bill Ayers is a resident of Chicago. Bill Ayers is widely thought to have introduced Barack Obama to the powers that be in Chicago that enabled his political career to begin. Such introductions, parties, took place at Bill Ayers’ house, which was in Obama’s neighborhood.

I think Ayers and his wife babysat the Obama crumb crunchers. Bill Ayers’ one-time girlfriend, Diana Oughton, “and one other member in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion, while constructing anti-personnel bombs intended for a non-commissioned officer dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey.” “[I]n 1969, Ayers participated in planting a bomb at a statue dedicated to police casualties in the 1886 Haymarket affair,” dedicated to police casualties. Bill Ayers in 1969 was part of the sixties generation that hated the cops, called ’em pigs.

Bill Ayers celebrated, memorialized efforts to kill cops and actually planted a bomb at a statue dedicated to police casualties. “[T]he blast broke almost 100 windows and blew pieces of the statue onto the nearby Kennedy Expressway.” “Ayers participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972…” “Some media reports and political critics have suggested that Ayers, Dohrn or the Weathermen were connected to the fatal 1970 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing …”



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