Islamic Nations: ‘Legitimate Struggle’ Not Terror


This so called peaceful religion is responsible for more murders in the past decade than most illnesses. How blaming America’s generosity in anyway justifies their killing spree is just ridiculous.
Check it out:

Addressing the nation on Friday evening about the actions of the Boston terrorists, President Barack Obama posed the question “why.” After all, the suspects had been direct beneficiaries of American largesse, including a successful asylum application, a green card and citizenship.

Clues, however, are not nearly as concealed as the President made out. Look west to United Nations Headquarters in New York City, just a few hours away.

At exactly the same time that the Tsarnaev brothers were building their bombs and planning their attack, Islamic front men at the UN were demanding that the organization define terrorism with an exception clause for “legitimate struggle.”

In 2013 the United Nations still has no definition of terrorism. For over a decade, a committee involving all UN states has been charged with drafting a so-called comprehensive convention against terrorism and producing a definition. But year-after-year the effort is thwarted by Islamic countries that want no legal impediments to murder in the name of “self-determination” or “national liberation.”



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