History will show it to be one of the biggest frauds ever.
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Let’s move on to what happened on the Today Show yesterday. This kind of thing literally, I have to admit, boggles my mind. It really does. I mean, I know that there is blatant assumptive stupidity out there, but sometimes I can’t understand it. Hard as I try, as solid as my instincts are, I want you to listen. There was a news story out about all the conspiracies and stuff that people believe. Seven percent of Americans think that lizard people are running the country and 13% believe in the Trilateral Commission and New World Order, that kind of survey.

And in this survey, it was announced 37% of the American people do not believe in global warming. So on the Today show that’s what they focused on. They went and got Al Roker, who, by the way, is still talking about having pooped in his pants at the White House. He’s still talking about it as though it was a funny, great thing to have happened because of where it happened. Who else has admitted to this, besides Al Roker? It put him on the map with the low-information audience.

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