Once government is in total control, Obama will be happy.
Check it out:

The media is not happy that Obama is underwater on the polling data on all these issues: Immigration, gun control, whatever else. He’s under 50%, and the media is worried about this. They’re not accustomed to Obama being underwater. They’re accustomed to Obama, no matter what’s happening in the country, being at 55%. They’re accustomed to whatever’s happening in the country not attaching itself to Obama.

Now it looks like some of it might be attaching itself to Obama, and they’re a little bit concerned about it, and it may even be that Obama’s concerned about it. Did you hear what he said in Connecticut? Let me find this exact quote. (interruption) No, no, not the worst day of his presidency. It was something about how we can’t make it as easy for them to gun down or kids or some such thing. This quote is so… I don’t know. I don’t even know how to characterize it. It’s not presidential, for one thing.

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