I Don’t Think Obamacare Can Work, and Obama Doesn’t Care If It Does or Not


All Obama cares about is power.
Check it out:

I want to once again expound upon a theory, maybe even make it a prediction. Folks, Obamacare, I don’t think it can work. I don’t think it can be successfully implemented. Now, that can be disastrous, by the way. The people in charge of it may not ever realize that and may try to make a go out of an absolute disaster. But I don’t think so. All of these rules and regulations. This thing that we just went through, keep your income low, that’s how you get your subsidy up, goes against the grain of everything this country’s about.

I know health care is important to people, but administering this is gonna be impossible, even with 16,000 new IRS agents. People are gonna have to fill out a 61-page form just to qualify for a subsidy at one of these exchanges. Not every state signed up for the exchange, so some states are not even messing with Obamacare. Some states are basically punting Obamacare, as much as they can. And those states, I think, is where the savior in all this is gonna end up being found.

Kathleen Sebelius doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing in health care. Who is she? Secretary of Health and Human Services. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. And Obamacare has I don’t know how many times in it: “as the secretary shall determine.” Look, it’s a socialist’s wet dream, the power and the control in this thing. This could end up being like trying to herd cats. It’s just too big. It’s too wieldy. It’s too unresponsive to the real needs that people have. It’s a utopian dream of a bunch of people who’ve never been in the real world, a bunch of theoretician leftists who sit around and talk amongst themselves at Starbucks and the faculty lounge or whatever.



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