How Slavery Made America the Good


Usually this is a topic to stay away from since slavery is such an evil thing. The main point here being that America overcoming slavery made it good.
Check it out:

This isn’t to say that America was or is flawless or perfect. Of course not. But to some Americans on the Left, America is anything but good. She was flawed from the beginning—a racist, sexist, xenophobic, imperialistic, and greedy nation. To these, America is neither great nor good. And they point to slavery as proof of America’s inherent evil.

It’s true that slavery and the century that followed of ill treatment of African Americans, as well as the inexcusable dealings with Native Americans, was a blight on America. Nevertheless, even with slavery American had a moral compass. Slavery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was universal; it was the norm, not the exception.

No country ever lives up to its highest ideals, yet America took giant strides in reaching the heights of liberty for all within eleven years of her founding, in 1787, when the Northwest Ordinance prohibited slavery in the new territory. And within thirty-two years of America’s founding, in 1808, the United States outlawed the international slave trade.



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