Hillary Advised Huma to Hold onto Weiner

Liberals deserve this guy. His lies and cheats are exactly what liberals are all about.
Check it out:

I mentioned, I forgot, it may have been yesterday, could have been today, but as you know, the question is on the table about Anthony Weiner and will he rise again, meaning in his political career, will he seek public office. There’s some talk that he might want to run for mayor of New York City. On Good Morning America today, there was an interview. The correspondent, ABC Juju Chang, had a report about Huma Abedin and why Huma — actually, Huma Weiner — why did Huma stay with Weiner. That was the subject of the report. Because, you know, the state of modern feminism. Weiner thinking about rising again, and it all came down to, “Well, why did Huma stick with the guy?”

You know what’s fascinating about this? These guys all admit that Hillary was overwhelmingly disrespected and betrayed, but it hasn’t affected the way they look at or treat Bill Clinton at all. So Huma talked to Hillary and basically what they figured out, “Well, look, all men are pigs. Are you gonna stick with the one you got or do you want to start all over with a new pig, ’cause they’re all the same and they’re all gonna end up treating you the same way. So, Huma, go ask Hillary what to do, because there’s an expert on this.”

I’m gonna get another phone call. Torsa out there is gonna say I’m misinterpreting this, but if you want expert advice on the jilted, there is one person in this country you can call. There’s a woman who’s been jilted how many times? Not only by her husband, by her party. So Huma goes and talks to Hillary, and what do you think Hillary’s gonna say, “Leave him”? ‘Cause then Huma will say, “Well, why didn’t you?” So of course Hillary’s not gonna tell Huma to leave Weiner. Hillary’s gonna tell Huma to stick with Weiner, and the theory, look, all men do this. The next one is gonna do it, too, you may as well stick with the one you know.



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