Reid talks to reporters about the senate's vote on debt ceiling legislation at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

There is no level Reid won’t stoop to.
Check it out:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid again took the Senate floor Tuesday morning to make a very personal plea for a vote on gun control legislation.

The Nevada Democrat mentioned his own father’s suicide, who killed himself in 1972. Reid pointed out that as a state lawmaker he authored a bill to require waiting periods for handgun purchases.

“In Nevada, if you purchase a handgun you have to wait three days to pick it up,” Reid said. “And it is believed that alone has saved the lives of many people. Sometimes people in a fit of passion will purchase a handgun to do bad things with it, Mr. President even as my dad did, killed himself. Waiting a few days helps.”

It was the second day that Reid took to the floor to call for Republicans to drop their promises of a filibuster on gun legislation.



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