Liberals struggle when confronted with the truth.
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Sean Hannity‘s Monday night show got heated… to say the least. Inviting on radio host Leo Terrell and Niger Innis, national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality, the Fox News host sought to debate the media treatment of Dr. Ben Carson, who’s become a conservative hero of sorts since spoke “truth to power” at the National Prayer Breakfast. The panel quickly descended into a chaotic shout-fest, however, with Terrell eventually ripping out his earpiece in frustration.

Since the prayer breakfast and the following remarks about gay marriage, Carson has been “vilified by the left,” Hannity asserted. Beyond those details, the bigger issue, he asserted, is that “if you’re African-American and you’re a conservative, you are vilified. You are demonized, you are called names, you are attacked. That is the ongoing epidemic that goes on. There’s no freedom of speech for African-American conservatives in America.”

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