Hank Johnson Imagines a World Without Balloons


Liberal morons on parade. No clue how idiots like this get elected over and over again.
Check it out:

You heard right, folks, every word of that was actually stated on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday, in defense of helium. Did you know that helium was endangered or threatened? What, is the Hunt family trying to make a run on helium like they did silver? Or maybe the Koch brothers? The Koch brothers are trying to corner helium. That’s what it is, so that kids can’t have birthday parties. That’s what it is. The Koch brothers are doing it! The Koch brothers are trying to corner the helium market. And Hank here was saying that he supported the Responsible Helium Administration and Stewardship Act. He’s from Georgia.

He was pleased to support the bill (imitating Johnson), “which shows that this Tea Party Congress will make a tough choice to keep children’s birthday parties on schedule and give industries that rely on helium the lift that they deserve. Imagine, my friends, a world without balloons. How can we make sure that the injustice, the injustice, mind you, the injustice of there being no helium for comedians to get that high-pitched voice that we all hold near and dear to our hearts. Imagine, a world without balloons.” Hank Johnson, Democrat, Georgia.



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