Since we all know this will keeps guns away from criminals. Idiots.
Check it out:

This week Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) will decide what kind of gun control package to bring to the Senate floor. “Reid will have to decide early in the week whether a bipartisan compromise on background checks is possible or whether a promised GOP filibuster will prevent the Senate from taking broad action.”

It’s unlikely there will be any “assault weapons” or high capacity magazine ban victories. The big issue on the table is background checks and the GOP has been reluctant to get on board.

There are three background check options floating about:

A Democrat-only supported version

Senator Coburn’s (R-OK) version has no Democrat support and calls for background checks but has exemptions for record keeping

Senator Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) bill that expands background checks for commerical sales but not private sales

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