GOP Should Oppose the Internet Tax


Conservative should oppose all new taxes. We need a huge tax reform in this country. Flat, fair, low.
Check it out:

Now, there’s something nobody’s talking about here. If you buy something on the Internet, it’s not cash and carry. You may not be paying any sales tax, but you do usually have to pay for shipping and packaging, or that is built in, and that is an added cost that the brick and mortar guys do not have. So it equals out. But because there is a disparity in taxes, that’s not considered to have equaled out.

All that aside, my point here is we don’t hear much anymore about reducing taxes and reducing costs for people who are burdened. We’re hearing that we gotta spread the burden equally so that everybody is burdened. When did we become that? When did we have, as our animating, active belief that the burdens are just, the burdens are legitimate, and we must spread them equally? I thought we used to believe in reducing burdens. I thought what we were about was limiting the obstacles in people’s way, to be successful. Not making sure that we spread the obstacles fairly and equally, and not being party to the idea of increasing the obstacles and the burdens.

So where is the talk about reducing taxes? Where’s the talk about reducing costs for people who are burdened? Instead of spreading the misery that makes it fair, so-called? We get talk from some Republicans about a growth agenda, about not raising taxes during a recession and supporting the private sector and free enterprise. But it appears to be just talk. If the House would simply oppose this sales tax idea on the Internet, we’d kill it. What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. The Republicans have bought into the idea that people hate them because they’re opposed to everything.

Now, who made that possible? Who is it that is pursuing an agenda that any reasonable person would oppose? It’s the Democrats. They’re the ones throwing things up against the wall and hoping it sticks. The Democrats are the ones that create things like Obamacare. The Democrats want amnesty. The Democrats are trying to grow government. The Democrats are limiting people’s ability to earn a living. The Democrats are making it harder to get a job. The Democrats are making college more expensive. Why shouldn’t that stuff be opposed? Why isn’t there honor in opposing that?



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