GOD Now or GOD Later


Joe says it like it is.
Check it out:

Ever notice how quickly our leaders turn to God in times of tragedy? How many times after a tragedy occurs, do you see someone say; “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims’ families…”?

It’s almost standard fare, because our leaders understand the importance of going to GOD, especially in times of disaster or great need. But I have a question:

Why is God good enough for our leaders, but not for our kids in schools? What about the idea that if we expose children to God going in, we wouldn’t have to pray for Him to show up later; after a terrible tragedy?

Yes, I know the left will scream about the separation of church and State, but instilling the word of God into school lessons for kids doesn’t mean someone is trying to impose a certain religion on children. If kids these days can be indoctrinated with every feel-good, politically-correct agenda from the left, then certainly introducing a few time-tested teachings of God might go a long way toward exacting some honesty, integrity, kindness, and yes, moral behavior for children to hear about and maybe even learn.



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