Geno Smith Pays the “Black Tax”?


Rush Limbaugh got slammed by liberals saying he was saying this, while the truth is that Rush was talking about an article that appears in USA Today.
Check it out:

I’m reading a story here in USA Today by Jarrett Bell. “When a Pro Football Weekly scouting report on West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith surfaced recently, containing damning proclamations by analyst Nolan Nawrocki about the habits of the top-rated passer in the NFL draft, it made me shake my head. Here we go again. Two years ago, Cam Newton was slammed by Nawrocki for having a ‘fake smile’ and setting a bad example while carrying a sense of entitlement. Last year, in a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report, Robert Griffin III was knocked by unnamed scouts for how he ‘deals with people.'”

Anyway, the black tax is a black quarterback who does not get drafted in the first round. He gets drafted in the second round, meaning that there is so much discrimination in the NFL, they’re not gonna take a black quarterback in the first round and not gonna pay ’em first round money. It’s in USA Today. I’m looking at it right here.

“Now another African-American quarterback has some vicious stereotypes circulating about him that people who have gotten to know Smith insist couldn’t be farther from the truth. Never mind the 42 touchdown passes (against six interceptions) last season, behind a shaky offensive line. Forget that the kid, who completed 71.2% of his passes in 2012, is the type to be found studying film hours after throwing for six TDs, or that his coaches rave about his drive.”

“Geno Smith, too, has to pay a black tax. Even in 2013, it’s apparent that conditions remain in this society where analysis and opinions are seemingly clouded by racial bias. It’s easy to slap a stereotypical label on a minority — from quarterbacks to the blue-collar men on the street — without the benefit of doubt. Hopefully, as a group, NFL decision-makers are beyond this. Regardless, it’s a shame that such garbage is put out there in the first place.”



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