Gay Infertility? Don’t Laugh, Folks


Here comes the special rights instead of the equal rights.
Check it out:

Gay infertility. It is about mandated insurance coverage for the inability to have babies. I know you’re scratching your head. “Wait, wait, wait. There’s no such thing as ‘gay infertility.'” Oh, yes, there is now. The language doesn’t mean anything anymore, folks. Truth doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Language doesn’t mean anything.

So if a bunch of activists want to create the concept of “gay infertility” and then tax all the rest of us to compensate them for the fact that they can’t have babies, then that’s gonna happen. You haven’t missed anything yet. I’m just teasing you as to what’s coming. Gays now think it’s not fair they can’t have babies, so they’re calling that “infertility,” and it will require mandatory health insurance because of it. Yeah, I know they’re not infertile but that doesn’t matter; they can’t have babies.

Even after they’re married, they can’t do it — and that’s not fair to them. That is culturally unfair. (interruption) Well, you mean the guy with the artificial womb? (interruption) Oh, that guy? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That guy. Well, I don’t think they all want to go through that. See, that’s the point. They’d have to do mastectomies, chopadicoffamies, addadictomies. They don’t want to have to do all that. It’s just gonna be easier to… (interruption) Folks, if you’re thinking this never gonna happen, it’s time to wake up. Time to wake up.



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