Fracking Could Be Key to Renewable Energy’s Future


Liberals will lie and reject this valuable energy resource just like they have oil and coal.
Check it out:

Solar energy production at the utility scale still needs another decade or more to become competitive with relatively cheap gas produced by fracking, according to an analysis by Citigroup. Even as solar becomes competitive, the US will need gas produced by fracking as a reliable backup when renewable power isn’t available.

Writer David Roberts at Grist, a site focused on energy issues, recently highlighted an analysis of energy trends produced by Citigroup. The Citi report (pdf) is interesting for a couple reasons. First, it estimates the date at which large-scale solar energy production could compete with relatively cheap natural gas produced by fracking. Second, the report suggests that even after that point, the success of renewable energy will depend on the reliable backup of natural gas. In other words, fracking isn’t an impediment to moving toward more renewable energy. It’s a necessary part of getting there over time.



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