Fox Television Threatens to Go Off the Air


So this device helps people get their free TV from the broadcasts sent over the airways for free. And their answer is to possibly yank their free airways distribution? You’d think they would thank the place for getting them more viewers so they can charge advertisers more. They need to work with technology, not fight it.
Check it out:

The slow-motion streaming-television revolution continues with a device called Aereo, which allows consumers to stream any local television station already available over their airwaves. This includes what is known as the Big Four: ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

After winning a major court battle last week, Aereo has Fox Television so freaked, the network is considering becoming a cable channel, which would mean yanking their broadcast from the public airwaves:

At the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual trade show on Monday, Carey, the News Corp. president, said, “We will continue to aggressively pursue our rights in the courts, as well as pursue all relevant political avenues, and we believe we will prevail.”

Carey added: “One option could be converting the Fox broadcast network to a pay channel, which we would do in collaboration with both our content partners and affiliates.”



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