So liberals want to take over the world?
Check it out:

So you can’t oppose amnesty now, because amnesty is a civil right. This is a matter of civil and human rights, a mechanism for them to earn citizenship, move out of the shadows, transcends the issue of immigration status. It’s a civil right. So you can’t oppose amnesty now. Just like illegal aliens’ right to serve on juries. You’ve heard them say that. Just like their inalienable right to get food stamps. Amnesty, a civil right. Amnesty is the equivalent of wiping out slavery. You can’t oppose that.

Yes, Eric Holder said that amnesty is — I’m being asked this. You heard him. It’s a civil right. There are seven billion people on earth, and that means that every one of them has a civil right to move to the United States. If amnesty’s a civil right, folks, if illegally being in America is a civil right, we can’t deny anybody.

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